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The Pro Racer Circuit & Complex is set out on a Mega Region consisting of 16 sims. The circuit has been developing over a period of 5 years now, where we started with the Flyme attachment cars. This became the early introduction to motor racing in Opensim and as developments have gone on we now have fantastic mesh vehicles and excellent scripts that run on ODE making the cars fast and very responsive.

The circuit has challenging bends and turns to test your driving skills. When you arrive on the circuit, make sure you set your ‘Draw Distance’ to either 256 (more if your graphics card can handle it) This will then let you see the whole circuit which you need to see when racing. Please remember when you leave to put it back again, or you may find you lag in other regions.

On the Pro Racer Complex you will find The New Welcome Center (Landing Point), Car Showrooms, PRHRA HQ the governing body of Pro Racer, The Pro Racer Racing School, The Formula One Center and The Test Center for Research & Development.

On arrival at the Welcome building there is a Teleporter Board where you can choose a destination leading to various parts of the Complex. Other TP’s are scattered about the Complex. Along the Start Straight you will see the Hospitality Suites above the Pit Garages, which residents may use if they are interested, but you must be someway associated with Motorsports or vehicle building. The Main pit wall now has pit boxes which are available to race teams and garage owners.

There are car rezzers now available on the Complex located at the Car Showroom up on the left hand side of the Main Straight.  Cars available are Road/Race cars such as Aston Martin, Mercedes, Porsche & Lotus. The Racing School Rezzers have the Radical SR3 RS and The Caterham Superlight R500. The Formula 1 Center will have F1 Cars. All cars will self delete if you jump out.


Over the coming weeks I am planning to put together a series of racing which will hopefully include a Superbike Championship, Touring Cars, Trucks and a new series running the new Radical SR3 RS open top cars. There will be trophies given to the winners.

Now we have a good Hypergrid system in place within Opensim the idea would be to have the Championships run across different circuits spread throughtout the Metaverse.

On race days please do not rez your car until racing is ready for either practice or racing, Try to remove any attachments that are not needed and disable your AO doing this will help to reduce any lag within the complex and when your driving.


Thank you for visiting. Have Fun and enjoy the ‘Pro Racer Motorsport Circuit & Complex’

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